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Rainbow Six Siege - Platinum Aimbot

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Choose the second option if you want Wallhack!

If you wanna aim and play like a Platinum pro in Rainbow six siege, then look no further. Our hack will enable you to achieve perfect aim, every time. With our customizable settings, you can set your hack to always hit headshots, or for a more legit style, only body-shots. You can turn on ESP/Wallhack to see your enemies through walls and shoot them down. Last but not least, there is a speedhack for when you really wanna take it to the next level!

Watch it in action:


All these features are included in the full version of the hack, which is a one-time payment.

- Fully customizable aimbot - Legit and Rage settings

- Triggerbot - Automatically shoot when your crosshair goes over enemies

- Customizable wallhack - Change colors for enemies and friendlies

- Default profiles - Best settings for specific weapons

- Extra features: Bunny hopping, no recoil, enemy radar, fake lag, and more

For PC, it's as simple as running the installation file, then you're free to customize your brand new hack however you want.

Yep, here's an example of some recent confirmed and fulfilled orders:

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Customer Reviews

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